Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Weekend - Wow is it over already?

What a weekend! It has been a whirlwind. The nice thing is that Lisa and I ate breakfast outside on the deck and patio on Saturday and Sunday. No pics from the weekend, but let me break it down for you. I ate more carbs than I had over the last week, but I made sensible choices and didn't stuff myself - well maybe I indulged a little last night at dinner.

Lisa and I went out on a date last night - yep you heard it right a date on a Saturday night! She did have a wedding, but it was a small one so while I ran to pick up a few groceries and dog food (oops - we ran out) she took the flowers to the bride. We got back home at similar times and we went to dinner at a really good Sushi and Steak place. It's a little place out in Katy and if you are ever in the area you need to go to Nikko Sushi and Sake Lounge! We had a gift certificate so we enjoyed ourselves and had an appetizer and dessert with our meal. Here's what was on the menu for us:

Chicken Katsu for our appetizer
I had the steak hibachi (steak tips, vegetables, and white rice) and a green salad with it
Then we had a custard style dessert with strawberries and whipped cream

Lisa had a california roll and a tuna roll and my mushrooms off of my steak hibachi and she also had some hot sake.

It was a great place and a great time and we will definitely be going back again (and taking my brother so he can have sushi - lots of that on the menu). But wait - the date didn't end there. Are you ready for the excitement of what came next - we went to.........

Academy to buy new tennis shoes! ( I know we are so exciting and young and hip)

Today I had cereal and protein for breakfast a chicken and spinach salad for lunch and then pork chops, small baked potato, and veggies for dinner.

I also worked on a project for work for about 10 hours or so this weekend. Not what I really wanted to do, but it needed to be done and I feel really good about what I accomplished. This is a massive undertaking that I am working on and have redone it twice now to settle my perfectionist tendencies. I am making a flowchart in Microsoft Visio of our electronic course submission system - every click, every action. It is getting quite massive.

So tomorrow is another day and I will start all over again and we will move on!


  1. oh you are so exciting young and hip bro ... love that line ... made me laugh out loud and for that I love you even more.

    oh and don't look it as starting all over again tomorrow ... it is but another day. 1 choice at a time, one day at a time, une pound at a time.

    love you ... just keep on going

  2. LOL - yes, it made me laugh too - I am just SO 'hip', in my stylin' new tennies! :)

    Yep, we just keep on truckin'