Starting Point

My brother and I have decided to make a new challenge with each other - we are taking it 1 pound at a time and the added bonus for me is to take it 1 day at a time. You will see some changes on this blog - there will be a lot more posts from me as I take this journey and I am even going to try and take photos of my food and post them to this blog. My brother is doing this and I think it sounds like a great idea - at least I will do my best.

Another change is that you will see the box with my weight totals change - I will post a starting weight as soon as I get to a scale and can weigh myself and then I will update it each month (I'm going to do my best to be consistent with when I weigh).

You'll also see me post about my activities for the day or week or whenever I feel like it. I know that is a key part to this journey - to get active and stay active! Need to get back that consistency that I had a few months ago.

So here comes your part - encourage, encourage, encourage me! There is a reason why I let everyone read this blog and post to it. I need some encouragement and accountability. That's the other part that I have for you all - help me be accountable. Words of wisdom would be great also as I struggle to figure out why God loves me the way I am and I learn how to love myself.

Wow - that's a big one that I just threw out there at everyone. That is something that I struggle with is understanding why God loves me when I don't love myself. This is my challenge that I face each day as I don't love myself - my brother summed it up the other night while we were talking. He said he loves himself, he likes himself, but he doesn't like the way he looks right now. I wish I could say that I am there or even close to there, but I'm not. I know that God loves me and I believe that, but I don't love myself right now. I let my physical appearance stop all of God's love in it's tracks. So this is another way that you can help me on this journey - any words of advice or wisdom you can provide would be a great help to me as I try to figure this all out.

That's it for now - time to figure this all out and begin this process of changing my eating habits, my weight, and my life - 1 pound at a time

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