Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weekly Update

Well I made it just in time to weigh in tonight. Then off to an alumni board meeting. I had a good week and I lost (see the update to the right), but that's not all. I hit my 10 percent goal weight tonight. What that means is that I have lost 10 percent of my total weight. The benefits of losing 10 percent are below:
  • By losing just 10 percent of your body weight, you can lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure.
  • By losing just 10 percent of your body weight, you'll improve your body's ability to use the insulin it makes, possibly preventing the onset of the disease.
  • A 10 percent weight loss increases feelings of vigor and vitality - you feel better and have more energy.
  • Losing 10 percent can give you the self-confidence and motivation you need to keep going. "Success builds on success."
  • After losing 10 percent, you gain a sense of what it will take to lose the rest and reach your final goal weight.
I think these are all great reasons to stand up and celebrate and motivate myself to keep going.


  1. Yippee!!! I knew you could do it. You're well on your way - and gaining speed. : ) So excited for you!

    Love you honey,

  2. Yehaw little bro. Sorry I missed your text earlier. Whirlwind of chaos and fun at work. It was a good day all around. I had to take my slacks to the dry cleaners and realized I needed a pair. Thus I went to the ones that have not fit for almost two years....and they fit. Happy dance....grateful dance....happy dance.

  3. That's awesome good job bro! I'm wearing a new pair of jeans this morning (the ones we bought in Grapevine) and they are already a little big around the waist.