Wednesday, September 2, 2009

State of the Shedding Address

A great friend of mine who cannot post to my blog because of security at his job sent me an awesome email so I thought I would address what he sent to me so that everyone could read it. He asked a ton of questions about how things are going and stuff so here goes. I'll post his question and my response and we will get through this and I think it will be a great reflection for me and everyone who reads this.

Here are parts from Lee's original message and my replies:

So give us a smidgen of a State of the Union address on your next Blog. You’ve got 1/3rd of the year left. That’s a ton of time but it will fly by! Below are some suggestions for points to be addressed:

How do you feel the program of WW’s has been for you thus far?

I think that it has been a good system for me. I have tried many things in the past to lose the weight and nothing has ever worked. I'm the kind of guy who needs some structure and organization and this provides that for me. I have a total number of points each day and I eat until I hit that number. If I choose to not make some good choices then I have to pay the consequences at the end of the day when I'm still hungry and have no points left. Is it difficult at times - you bet, but I made a commitment to see this through and I'm going to do so. I also like the flexibility of being able to eat what I want - it's about training your body, mind, and spirit that everything in moderation is ok and any decision I make has consequences to it - I can either focus on the positives or the negatives.

How do you feel about where you are now with regards to your Transformation?

I feel that my transformation is going well. I know that I get frustrated, but I also know that it is going to take time. I didn't get this way over night so it is going to take time to get back to where I need to be. I have to not focus on the scale so much and look at how my body feels and looks. I have noticed that clothes that I couldn't wear at this time last year now fit and I feel better about myself and I have more energy.

What changes if any are you making to your year end goal?

I have thought about this long and hard - I'm not adjusting my year end goal of 300 lbs. I have decided that I am still going to shoot for it as hard as I can. I may make it and I may not, but that's OK! If I don't then I just keep on plugging away, if I do then awesome!!!

What’s something you wished you would have done in the first two thirds of the year? Weight shedding/health specific.

I wish that I had signed up with weight watchers earlier in the year. If I would have done it at the beginning of January who knows where I would be now, but on the flipside if my brother had not had his stroke then I porbably would not have been as committed to this life change and would, by now, have given up on this because it was too hard or I had a gain, or something stupid like that! It's sad that sometimes something dramatic has to happen for us to wake up, but I have now and there is no stopping me (make sure you remind me of that when things get difficult - I may need some convincing later in this process).

People at your meeting talking about their problems motivate you or bring you down? Misery loves company. Omit if you wish to abstain more of a personal observation.

I like my meetings and the people that are there. Judy is a great leader and I really enjoy talking with others about what is going on. We have a good support group. It's nice to know that other people are going through the same things that I am and some of them are in a lot better health than I am. It is refreshing to know that I'm not alone in this journey and there are people who "get it" that it's not as easy as some people think it is or "why you just can't do it". To all my meeting buddies - thank you for being there to support me!

In the home stretch what are your plans on hitting your goal? Same plan as the first two thirds of year or something more intense? Question is more addressed to exercise since it sounds like you’ve gotten good at calculating portions. You can only cut back on eating and eating only super healthy foods so much. You can however always increase activity.

My plans are to keep on plugging away. I hope to increase my activity back to where it was at the beginning of the summer. I know that the last two weeks have been rough on me and I need to get back into a rhythm. This will come as I am adjusting to my new schedule. Counting points I'm good at - calculating portions sizes not too much! I still find this a struggle and I want to get better at it so that I do not feel so overwhelmed or pressured when I eat out or at someone's house. I have no problem taking my measuring cups and scale with me, but it would be nice to get to a point of not having to do this.

I have set a personal goal when it comes to activity to enter at least 3 to 5 events each year and complete them. I will start out with some 5K events and work my way up so that over time I would like to eventually complete a marathon (not running - at least not at this point) or complete the MS150.

Do you realize the great success you’ve had so far or do you focus on the weight you need to still shed? You have to afford yourself a little taste of victory to keep you focused on the next success. But don’t let it go to your head and get complacent or comfortable with were your at…Don’t worry too much about this, I won’t let you. You have to admit you’ve shed a lot. You said it. Next time you buy that 40# bag of dog food, carry it from the car to the mail box first then back inside (don’t set it down) and tell your heart your sorry for making it work so damn hard. Then tell your heart sorry you can only put one bag down and you’re working relentlessly on shedding the other bag by year end. Lisa, Make sure you ask (so are going to do it?) next time you buy a new bag of dog food. Our bags are 45#’s and I was like crap Matthew lost this since April!!!

Great question Lee - I know I have self esteem issues and I do not focus on what I have accomplished. I look at it as I have so much more to go, but I need to take the time to reflect and go - dang, I'm proud of myself! I am - I just have to get the mind to align with the heart and let me feel that so that I can stay pumped about what I am doing.

What’s your total Year To Date weight loss/shed? Didn’t you have a 100day jump start in January? I could be making something up.

I did have a jumpstart before I started WW. I lost right at about 19 pounds during our 100 day challenge so total that would put me at about 55 pounds lost this year so far.

Where do you envision yourself Year End 2010 as it pertains to your Transformations?

By the end of 2010 I would love to be around 220 lbs and have built up some good muscle in my body so that my weight doesn't look heavy on me because I have increased my muscle mass by a lot. I know that my doctor would like me to be right around 200 lbs., but I would be happy and I know he would too if I was a healthy 220 (not a fat 220, but a muscular 220). That is my overall goal. Personally I would love to be able to bench press my old weight which would mean that I can lift over 400 pounds - I need to hit the weights!

Are you often reminded of the saying “you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your neighbors”?????

Not at all Lee - I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything! I value your friendship and what you mean to me. You are way more than my neighbor and I hope that you realize that. I'm just so sorry it took us so long to actually meet and get to know each other.

So there it is - the state of the weight shed address. I hope that you actually take the time to read it and know that I value all of you very much. I couldn't do this without your support, encouragement, prayers, and sometimes a good swift kick in the rear to get me back in gear!

Thank you everyone!!!

New weekly totals to come tomorrow evening (they may be late thought I have a alumni board meeting)


  1. Good posting bro. Upbeat...realizing that you are accomplishing what you need and being real at the same time. 220 here we come...may take a couple but we are both on our way.

  2. What a great team you guys make! I am starting to feel inspired by your effort and reflection!