Thursday, September 10, 2009


Well - what can I say it wasn't a good week, but when you are struggling and feeling cruddy (I had a cold last week - or something else) and don't feel like going to the gym and not eating very well - it's gonna happen.

Also, I didn't do to well over the holiday weekend at counting points and tracking so at least I know why it happened. Am I ok with the fact that it happened - heck no! At least I know how to fix it for next week.

I have gone to the gym this week and stayed within my points each day since Monday so here's to a good current week. It's a fresh new day and everything starts over today on my weigh in day.


  1. Hey bro....look where you are and let me help you by adding something that someone wrote just a little while ago. "I know I have self esteem issues and I do not focus on what I have accomplished. I look at it as I have so much more to go, but I need to take the time to reflect and go - dang, I'm proud of myself!"

    Let me highlight part of that "I'm proud of myself" - be proud of where you are. So what that you gained a little bit. Where are you now from last year at the same time. Healthier and hopefully happier.

    Peace little bro.

  2. Thanks Bro I needed that. You always did know what to say or do for your little brother. Thanks for being there for me. I love you!