Thursday, June 25, 2009

Weekly Totals Update

My weekly totals did not change this week, but it was a good week. I know that I ate all my points this week like I should have and I got my 8 healthy guidelines in each day. Some weeks are just going to be that way. I will keep on plugging away at it and I am sure that I will reap the rewards next week.

My brother and I have started walking together three times a week (two this week because Lisa has a wedding tomorrow) and I think it may kill us before we actually see results - it's really hot out there at 5:00 (I know we're crazy for walking at that time, but it's the only time we can fit it in). I really enjoy the time and the conversation!

I asked the question tonight about eating my activity points and I found out that I need to be eating at least half my points when I earn more than 3 at a time. I need to eat protein and a little bit of carbs so I will work on that next week.

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  1. Keep it up Matt! Even though you didn't see the numbers you wanted to this week, you definitely have the right attitude. Times like these are where life weeds out the successful from the unsuccessful. So many people just give up when they don't get the results everytime (speaking from experience). The ones that just keep on going are the ones that get the success they dream of. My mom says we should all exercise and eat right no matter if we lose weight or not (even though it will happen if you exercise and eat right). We should do it for our health. I'm glad walking with your brother has been fun for you too. My husband has started walking with me or going to the gym with me when he can and it definitely is more fun and adds a different facet to your relationship. You keep on keepin' on!!!