Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Exercise Exercise Exercise

Just thought I would update you all to my weekly exercise this week. WW in their exercise book woulod like you to earn 28 weekly points worth of exercise. In two days this week I have earned 33!

Yesterday I met a friend at the gym and we did 30 minutes on the elliptical (cross training program) = it was worth 9 points


I took her to her first Aqua class (it lasts an hour) = that was worth 7 points

Today I did another cross training program on the elliptical (number 2) for 60 minutes = it was worth 17 points (WOW!!!)

The workout might explain why right now I am feeling weak and kind of sick. I believe I need to go and use some of those points and eat. If you earn that much in a day it probably means that you need to consume some of those points.

Tomorrow, my brother and I are going to go walk outside (we'll see if we survive) and then I will go to Aqua class again (I think my friend is going to join me again - Yippee!).

If we live and survive the outdoors (too darn hot down here in Houston) - we will walk again on Thursday before I go to my WW meeting.

That might round off the exercise for the week since Lisa has a wedding on both Friday and Saturday, but who knows???


  1. Good job on the exercise! I agree you need to eat!!! I saw on the biggest loser that the trainer Bob was getting onto one of the contestants for not eating enough...that's why they weren't losing weight. Keep it up...be careful with the heat. I only go walking late in the evening. It's still really hot, but lately it's been nice and breezy so it helps.

  2. And setting up at the outside reception on Saturday didn't help matters! But getting a lot of great exercise in is good. And I'm so proud of you. You're doing it!