Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Like to Move It - Move It!

 I noticed something at the end of the winter break - that the clothes fit a little tighter and it really upset me and I started to go down the old road of getting depressed and then they cycle starts all over again of eating because I am depressed and then the clothes will be even tighter and eventually not fit which will depress me even more so then I will eat more, etc.... You gt the idea! I was upset for a day or so and then I realized that I made choices that got me to that point so I can certainly make some choices to get me to another point. After all - that's what this is all about - choices.

Lisa and I made a deal the other day to get up and move each day - do something! Since making this deal we have walked the dogs, I have walked at the office around the building a few days, last night it was cleaning around the house and washing all of Lisa's buckets for this week's floral delivery (my hands still smell like bleach) and then finally it all built up to this...

I got up early this morning and hit the gym for the first time in a long time. I told myself you are not going to be where you were when you stopped going about 4 months ago (I know - shame on me), but just get in there and do something. I told myself OK - go at least 20 minutes on the treadmill at a decent pace and maybe throw in an incline and you will have accomplished something. So, after walking up the stairs and having to catch my breath (why do multi level gyms always put the cardio equipment upstairs) I made my way over to the treadmill, plugged in the tunes and started walking! Started off slow, but after a few minutes I was up to 3 mph and moving along at a good pace - added a little incline in there and hung on to the treadmill and felt pretty good. I got to 20 minutes and said I can go a little more - adjusted the incline down a little and put the pace up to 3.2 mph and kept walking. Before you knew it I was at 30 minutes and looked at the clock on the wall and thought I have a little more time - I can go a little longer. At 45 minutes I decided to step on off and hit a little bit of weights. I was impressed with myself - 45 minutes and I didn't die! It was actually refreshing and I enjoyed it!

Did a little bit of weights and then sat in the dry sauna for a few minutes and then got ready for work. I actually feel really good right now (might ache a bit later on - but it will be a good ache)!

I have also started shifting my way back to eating low carb and trying to stay away from processed carbs.

At the school where I used to work we always ended the morning announcements with "Make it a Great Learning Day!" This is true for everyone - regardless of how old you are. We all learn something everyday and we all have choices to make so why not make it a great learning day and make great choices.

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