Monday, October 3, 2011

Pics from this past weekend

Some of my pics actually loaded tonight so I am posting them now. There are a few from my breakfast and lunch on Saturday and our date Saturday night.



Chicken Katsu appetizer - Lisa and I split this

My salad before my entree arrived

Steak Hibachi with steamed rice and vegetables - Lisa at the mushrooms for me

Cremebrulicious dessert - creme brulee custard with strawberries and whipped cream


  1. That is the one that is tucked into that shopping center just before or after the one with Charming Charlies or whatever that is called? Right at the back?

    If so ... yes I would like to go there again. Erase the old memory with that place and insert a new one. If not they still YES. Desert looks awesome.

  2. Yes that is the one - I didn't know that you had been there before. We can definitely make new memories there to replace the old ones - they have an awesome happy hour on Mondays - Fridays that Lisa and I want to try. Lots of great prices on rolls and appetizers as well as drinks