Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Looking Back and Moving Forward

So my brother came and had dinner with me while I was in Richardson for work. That still sounds strange - being somewhere for work. What a huge change from a year ago. That's right - we are coming up on my one year anniversary of leaving Pine Shadows and Spring Branch (I miss my friends) and embarking on my new journey of working for the TxVSN. I wish I could say it has all been uphill and there has been no looking back, but that would be a lie. Don't get me wrong - I love my job and the people I work with! My challenges have been in keeping with the routine of losing weight and eating healthy.

Anyway - back to the start of this post. We had dinner together and after dinner while sitting in my hotel room we had a chat about our journeys of weight loss and the good, the bad, and the ugly or those journeys. We have decided to make a new challenge with each other - we are taking it 1 pound at a time and the added bonus for me is to take it 1 day at a time. You will see some changes on this blog - there will be a lot more posts from me as I take this journey and I am even going to try and take photos of my food and post them to this blog. My brother is doing this and I think it sounds like a great idea - at least I will do my best.

Another change is that you will see the box with my weight totals change - I will post a starting weight as soon as I get to a scale and can weigh myself and then I will update it each month (I'm going to do my best to be consistent with when I weigh).

You'll also see me post about my activities for the day or week or whenever I feel like it. I know that is a key part to this journey - to get active and stay active! Need to get back that consistency that I had a few months ago.

So here comes your part - encourage, encourage, encourage me! There is a reason why I let everyone read this blog and post to it. I need some encouragement and accountability. That's the other part that I have for you all - help me be accountable. Words of wisdom would be great also as I struggle to figure out why God loves me the way I am and I learn how to love myself.

Wow - that's a big one that I just threw out there at everyone. That is something that I struggle with is understanding why God loves me when I don't love myself. This is my challenge that I face each day as I don't love myself - my brother summed it up the other night while we were talking. He said he loves himself, he likes himself, but he doesn't like the way he looks right now. I wish I could say that I am there or even close to there, but I'm not. I know that God loves me and I believe that, but I don't love myself right now. I let my physical appearance stop all of God's love in it's tracks. So this is another way that you can help me on this journey - any words of advice or wisdom you can provide would be a great help to me as I try to figure this all out.

That's it for now - time to figure this all out and begin this process of changing my eating habits, my weight, and my life - 1 pound at a time!

Love to you all!

Live Well - Laugh Often - Love Much!


  1. 1 at a time bro 1 at a time. I will open up my new blog soon. Playing with the structure of it now but loving it. You will get there. You will take a good hard look at the person who is in the shell and realize that he is a perfect person in the sense of the perfection that created him. When you find him you will like him and you will love him. Then together you can fight the one part that frustrates you ... and like me tackle the shell that encapsulates the greatness found inside.

  2. It dawned on me this afternoon that you must have been blogging last night while you were up here in the study clicking away on the keys. I'm so proud of you. It takes such a strong person to admit their innermost weaknesses. I know you don't see if that way, but there's healing in that. And now more than ever, this is a time to learn to "value the process", as our wise friend and previous pastor (J.C.) once said.

    I haven't ever known how to best support you, and that's one of my struggles. But I'll never stop loving you, truly and deeply. I'll keep looking for new ways to show that to you. And I'll be here, with you, every step of the journey. God loves you, I love you, and you will begin to as well.