Friday, December 17, 2010

Unexpected Gains

Well last night I weighed in for week 2 of the new PointsPlus WW program and got a very unexpected result. Last week I had a very rewarding loss for the first week of the new program - that was expected. Any time you start a new program and shuffle the deck it is usually a good way to jump start the weight loss again.

Last night though I was expecting - notice I didn't say hoping, but expecting to have gone down another couple of pounds at least, but that was not the results I received.

I gained 1.6 lbs last week. What a shock that was for me to have gained weight! I mean I ate my points each day and I exercised and I did everything I was supposed to do - increased my protein, etc...

Guess what I believe I sabotaged myself in the weight loss division because I managed to rack up over 100 activity points for the week with my training sessions and workouts at the gym and I didn't touch them and I also didn't touch my weekly points (well just a couple of them).

So here I was thinking that I was doing awesome and so impressed with myself, but in reality I should have dipped into those points either the weekly or activity because my body probably freaked out about all the exercise and weight training and thought I was never going to give it enough fuel to keep it going.

This week my goal is to dip into some of those points so that I can hopefully get this ship on the right track again!

So, here we go onto week 3!

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