Thursday, May 28, 2009

Week 8 Totals

Well it was a great week. I got another star for hitting another 5 pounds mark. I am on a roll - just have to keep the momentum going!!!!


  1. hmmm....that prior comment was kinda wimpy. You need a real comment for that kind of restart in the forward direction.

    Gimme a M....Gimme a A.....Gimme a T.....Gimme a U.....Gimme a...huh what is the U for. What is going on with the....ah what the heck. What does is spell.....REALLY COOL WEIGHT LOSS THAT MY LITTLE BRO IS WORKING ON AND GOING TO SUCCEED IN COS HE IS LIKE REALLY AWESOME!!!!

    Are you sure about that? What? That MATU spells that? Well in my world it does so go away and let me celebrate my way.

    Way to go Bro. Don't worry about me just been a long hard week!