Monday, April 27, 2009

Difficulties Along the Road

This weekend was a rough one - I stayed within my points total for each day, but I struggled with wanting to eat all the wrong things. I know that on WW you can eat what you want as long as you count the points, but you still have to stay within the 8 healthy guidelines each day. Yesterday I just wanted to eat everything after church - nachos, chips and queso, bacon cheeseburgers, pizza, wings, etc... (You get the point!) I know that I cannot go down that road because once I do it will start a downward spiral, but I also know that if I deprive myself of things I crave then eventually the "hungry" will overcome and I will eat more than I should or do something drastic. I just needed to "vent" about the struggles - and elicit any support that you can offer during this time.


  1. Hey I've got everyone at my Bank watching your blog so don't make me look bad this Thursday!! You put yourself out there for peer pressure so here you go. I run with a bunch of gamblers, so maybe I need to think of an office pool???... Perhaps betting on how much you post on Thursday night so on Friday the correct bet takes the one gets it right, the pot rolls to the next Thursday WW weigh in for the Friday taking....I might just have something here..!?! $3.00 bets and the bet has to be to the 1/10th of a pound. Ties split the pot. This could be fun! May have to adjust the accuracy if no one wins after a few weeks. So do good and post a loss Thurday.... Shed some weight or my office pool won't be any fun! Ya and you'll live longer with a better quality of life and all that other stuff, but don't be selfish think of my office pool and the entertainment of my co-workers.

  2. I will do my best to make you proud - just remember that any time you win I should get some kickbacks for doing all the work!

  3. I agree with the kickbacks bro. You know what, and I know my situation is different, after doing this now for a while I just don't need them. I think I shared with you that I went into a really bad hamburger place last week and was going to indulge and I just could not after I say the salmon burger on the menu.

    I think it really comes down to the mind set. If you feel that if you don't have what you want that you will spiral down is not how it works for me. Rather it is to think if I don't have this instead I can have this and well live longer, be healthier, watch my little bro lose weight too, go to the lake in the woods in July, go to Tuscany next year and that is the motivation. I feel better when I make the right choices because I appreciate the opportunity they are giving me. I know that it is hard. I know that the struggle is daily temptation but I know that you can do it and you do not need to end up in the ER or under an MRI for a stroke like me to get there.

    Every time you are tempted think about your beautiful wife, who sometimes drives you crazy, think about all the fun things there are to do in the world that get easier for me and you if we get skinny, think about climbing to the top of that damn rock that almost killed us last year, think about flying in comfort, think about visiting the UK, did I already say think about your wife, and think about Lee's office pool...and your kickbacks. :)

    Think -- I CAN -- not -- I hopefully can!!!!

    - big bro!

  4. Positive thinking is the key! You have taken a big first step by putting your struggle out there for all to see. Way to go! You are inspiring everyone that reads your blog to get healthy. We are all in this with you and you will succeed. Focus on the finish line not the past. We all have struggles - be proud that you have the guts to admit yours and take care of business!!

  5. So proud of you babe!!! If I never eat pizza again, that's ok with me. I want you to be happy AND healthy AND with me forever. I know you can do this!!! Love you