Monday, October 17, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

Saturday and Sunday were a blur and this morning I awoke to the alarm and say is it really time to get up. Stayed up late Friday night helping get ready for Saturday's weddings and laughing at my brother and Laura tease each other. They act like brother and sister and have fun picking on each other.

Saturday was wedding set up so breakfast was yogurt and fruit and some more protein with ham and a cup of tea. Then we loaded up and headed out. My awesome brother (James - the other one who doesn't blog) brought lunch so we stopped to eat a bite during set-up. I had a sandwich, Jalapeno chips, and fruit. Then, back to work! We finished up in the later afternoon and headed home. Got home unloaded and organized the boxes and containers for tear down of two weddings and then decided to go to dinner. The three of us (James, Lisa, and I) went to Clay's for burgers and fries. I had the queso burger (no picture - sorry). It is a burger served open faced with pico and queso on it. I love this burger!

Next, off to home to try to unwind and get ready for whirlwind day two! I got to skip the tear down of a wedding for once (my brother helped Lisa) because I had to be up at 3:30 am. Yep, you heard me right 3:30 am! Last year I started volunteering for the air show for a great friend of mine. He runs the motor pool at the air show. We are in charge of all the golf carts for all of the groups to use during the show. I really enjoy doing this! I'm glad he thought of me last year and I will always come back as long as he will have me.

The food was not that great on Sunday and my schedule got all out of whack, but I had a blast. I really enjoy watching the planes and talking with the people (mostly pilots and military) that I get to drive around during the day. It is a privilege to offer these people a lift when they are walking along the flight line from one end to the other and they really appreciate it to.

It's Monday now and back to a normal routine - told you it was a whilwind! Back to Sunday evening - one cool thing that I really enjoy is watching the planes leave Ellington field after the air show. As the sun sets and the jets begin to be taxied to the runway and take off it is really neat to watch a jet take off into the night sky with its jet engine glowing.

Next year - I will have to bring the camera.

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