Friday, October 14, 2011

No Gym for Me

Well I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday evening to have another appointment with my trainer so I would have weighed in before our session, but it was a no go. I'm not sure what exactly I ate or what is going on, but I was not doing too good yesterday. Not sure what is going on, but my digestive system is all out of whack. We will have to see if today is any better.

Yesterday's Eats:

Breakfast - oatmeal and a yogurt
Lunch: chicken breast and broccoli and watermelon
Trail mix for a afternoon snack
Mojo Bar before my (what would have been) workout - things really wnet down hill from here on out
Dinner - a few potstickers (not fried) and that was it

I also had some cookies and a danish in the morning during my webinar meeting.

1 comment:

  1. not doing to good as in your stomach? you brain? headache? day was horrible and you felt like strangling a troll? steamroller ran over the foot of your best friends ex neighbors cousins first girlfriends frog and your empathetic brain resonated with the universe on this one and felt it not good?

    I know the second and the last are not really possible. So I am assuming stomach ache, headache or there is a dead troll you need to dispose of now. Make sure you dust for fingerprints and remove them so the police don't nab ya.

    Hey I am being silly but life is fun. Don't worry about what you did not do just concentrate on what you are doing right now this moment. Make the best choice you can in this instance and move forward. Sometimes stomachs and brains and sneezy watery sinuses are going to make life more interesting (not a challenge - just more interesting).

    love ya

    get 'ir done!