Saturday, September 24, 2011

Food Log - Sept 24

My first weekend day and I was a little nervous because during the week everything is very structured for me - I make my breakfast, lunch, and snacks the evening before so the only thing left each day is dinner and then Lisa and I keep quite a bit of staples on hand that we can choose from to have a very nutritious dinner.

Still trying to get my water back up to over 100 oz a day. It's a challenge and it really flushes out your system - a lot!

I did splurge today for dinner - I have had a craving for the last few weeks for these and resisted it until today. I figured since Lisa was enjoying an evening out with friends I would enjoy dinner in with my football games. The only thing better would be if I was watching my Coogs right now!

Breakfast: Oscar Mayer turkey breast, 2 hard boiled eggs, 2% cheddar and 2% string cheese, raspberries, black currant tea, and my daily vitamins

Lunch: Spinach, cucumber, 2% cheddar, 2% string cheese, chicken and FF Catalina dressing

Dinner: James Coney Island - chili cheese dogs and small fries

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  1. yeppers .. gotta enjoy every once in a while. the 1 day, 1 choice, 1 lb at a time thing is that you have the right to make a choice. key is balance. three on the go meals a day is detrimental but if you chose the best you can for two of them and let one of them be what it may then you are doing better than all three at McDonalds. Keep it up bro.

    which reminds me ... did I eat dinner. having lunch at 2 something is throwing me off whack.