Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update Time - But Seriously

Well - not much to say except for the fact that the weight is not moving right now. It goes up a few pounds and then it goes down a few pounds and then back up a few pounds and back down a few pounds. My weight loss is a freakin' Yo-Yo! Not such a good thing when you are trying to lose weight.

I still haven't decided if I am going to drop weight watchers - I guess you could say I yo-yo on that one too.

Everyone keeps telling me to stick with everything I'm doing and it will happen - still waiting for it to happen, not sure what is going to happen at this time, but IT is going to happen (not sure when either). All I have to say is when it does finally happen - it's going to be huge (whatever it is).

Right now I'm focusing on finding my joy (if you've seen it can you let me know where to pick it up from). My brother (he's very old and wise) said that I need to laugh each day and he agreed with me that I'm too serious and I need to find the joy in life. So far this week I've laughed each day (a few times so hard I thought I was going to pee in my pants) and played along with some silly jokes at work (paper eyes in glasses, RC cars in the hallway, etc...). These are things that normally would drive me crazy (why - you may ask??? - please refer to a few sentences ago where I stated that I am too serious).

So, along with helping me look for my joy, if you have a funny story that would make me laugh or a good funny website - please share because I have to laugh each day remember.

Along with being too serious I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff! That's a lot harder than you think - at least it is for me. Still working on the other things I have mentioned in previous posts. So, to sum it all up:

Trying to smile and laugh each day
Not sweat the small stuff
Not focus on the number on the scale too much
Not be so driven with the details to lose sight of the big picture (when it comes to my health)
Find my joy
Keep on exercising
Eating healthy (protein rich - low processed carb ritual)

and on and on and on ...

It should be easy - right!

Love you all who actually take the time to read this blog
Love you even more if you actually post a comment ; )

Well - I'm out for the day - thanks for reading the ramblings of a serious man


  1. I see you 4-5 days each week and I'm certain you're laughing on those days. I learned the hard way that life is not as hard as I was making it out to be. Taking control of your joy & laughter is one of the easier things in life. You have an amazing GOD, wife, family, friends, puppies, job, house. Weight is just a number, we love you just the way you are! The past is the past, focus on the now! Keep praying and you will continue to be blessed.

  2. For me , my Joy comes when my daughter opens her arms and screams "Daddy". It makes the day worth it. That's the drop that makes it spilleth over. You've got a good woman and you enjoy what you do. Your joy is all around you. Take care and breathe peace.

  3. I'm proud of you for so many MANY things, including having the courage to be real about life and your struggles. I'm certain you will find a happier place in life, and I'll be celebrating with you. I don't necessarily think joy is a destination - it's the bright spots all along the way. Remember those words from a dear friend "value the process"...

    I love you! You will always be my Superman!

  4. I finally got over here to read that ... can I say you are thinking clearly or clearly thinking. I think they are different but then different might not be right. Is right left or does it really matter in the whole scheme of life. Heck NO. So keep chasing the smile, LOL as much as you can and for those that can't catch up to the band wagon ... let them go sweat the small, medium and tall (or big) STUFF. Life is. Life is NOW. Tomorrow sucks cos it is too dang far away and YESTERDAY is DONE. So NOW is the most important. DO it ... DO IT NOW ... I will find a handful of freaking peacock feathers and tickle the crud outta ya unless you do. I'm not fat I'M FUZZY!