Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back to Life - Back to Reality

Well I can honestly say that the last week and a half has not gone the way I had it all planned in my head.

My wife started me thinking the other day about something that is so true for me. I have this perfect plan in my head of how my weight loss is supposed to go and of course life and reality have other things in mind. I can honestly say that I am my hardest critic.

I'm so blessed to have people in my life that love me and support me for who I am and in my current state and position. Sure they would love for me to lose the weight because of the health benefits and all of that stuff, but they also love me for me right now - right here. I think that is what I struggle with the most is the fact that I have a hard time loving me right now - right here. I know that the weight needs to come off and I know that it will, but I want it to come off right NOW! That's not reality - that's not life. Maybe if I keep telling myself this over and over it will eventually set in and stick with me. I have to be willing to pick myself up when life gives you a little bump and not let it keep me down and keep moving on. I think that is hardest struggle.

I have realized that when I get my perfect plan all jumbled up and not going the way it should instead of just saying that's life and moving on I tend to let it knock me further down and then throw my hands in the air and it takes me a while to recover instead of just getting up, brushing myself off (not beating myself up) and moving on.

We all have our struggles in life and for everyone they are different and unique. It is how we handle those struggles that is important. We can either let them beat us up and keep us down or we can rise above them and move forward until they no longer are a problem. For the longest time I have let this issue beat me up and keep me down. Am I rising above it - not yet. I think right now I'm treading water and sometimes I get tired and being to sink and other times I get a renewed burst of energy and begin to swim.

Changes are coming to WW - I don't know what to expect from them and I'm a little worried about them, but sometimes change is not always scary and bad. Recently I changed jobs and it was a great move for me and my family. Lisa and I changed health clubs and I am renewing an enjoyment for activities that I haven't done in a while (racquetball).

I hope that this change will be a good one and maybe it will be that little boost of energy I need to renew the passion I have in this journey. I am running a marathon and not a sprint and I think that my mind if finally starting to realize that this IS a marathon and we are not going to get there by sprinting.

My meeting is tonight and I don't know what to expect, but you know what that's ok with me. I'm going to go and get on the scale and not get knocked down by the results and keep on moving along. There are a few things that I need from all my followers and supporters out there. I need lots of encouragement and support - I have no idea what that looks like yet so don't ask. The best advice I have for all of you is to just do what comes naturally to you for you to encourage and support. Now the tricky part - please keep it up - not just on the day that I text some of you with my results (by the way if you want to be included on the texting group on Thursday nights - just let me know).

Well that's enough ramblings for now - I apologize to all of you for the ramblings that go on in my head sometimes. More to come!!!


  1. Yep, you can do this babe! It's one day, one hour, one choice at a time. Every choice has a result or consequence, and that leads us to the next step ahead. We can't see all the steps, because we haven't made those choices yet. But I know you can do this. I believe in you. I have a steadfast hope that won't waver. I love you for who you are right this second, and in every second (and with every change) in the future. Now the hard part for all of us - just like you said, we have to believe in this for ourselves. Accept you for you, now, and at every point along the way. Believe in yourself, and always hope for the best, look for the silver lining if you have to. Love you sweetie, always have, always will!!

  2. She took some of the words out of my mouth ;) - but it is true. I chose to eat sushi rolls with rice every once in a while. I avoid carbs ... rice are carbs. I should not have candy or anything like that but if I want a hard piece of gum or a piece of sugar free gum then it is my choice.

    I have to be totally aware of the fact that my choice means I may stay the same on the scale or that my choice will necessitate more time in the gym or that I need to make other smart choices in the rest of the day. But in every one of those instances IT IS MY CHOICE. I have no one to push this off on.

    I cannot blame the strokes ... my choices led to that. I cannot blame the stress of my job ... I made a choice to leave management and be a follower for a while to cut back on that ... my choice.

    I guess I am trying to hammer in a philosophy of acceptance. We have to realize that we are responsible for so much in our world ... especially when it comes to putting food in our mouths, when we exercise and where we go with this plan. We choose. Our choice. With what we know we make the best decisions for ourselves (or not) and accept those decisions, those choices.

    We live, we learn, we move forward.

    Love ya bro.

  3. *hard piece of candy or a piece of sugar free gum ... (oops) I am sure there are other mistakes but guess what ... I CHOSE TO HIT POST COMMENT WITHOUT READING OVER ... so be it. :D