Monday, July 27, 2009

Sorry No Updates

Sorry everyone I have not updated in a while. As most of you know I was on vacation and I weighed in the Friday morning before we left. I was planning on weighing in when we got back, but we got in after my usual meeting and then I was off an running - helping Lisa get ready for the bridal show this past weekend.

While on vacation I did a lot of walking and swimming so I know that I got my exercise in for the week and we ate healthy for the most part. I did indulge a little and have a few things that the points were higher than I would ever spend on something so small.

Since coming back from vacation things have been rough - the bridal show did not help much this past weekend, but now I am back on track. I just hope that I did not sabotage myself too much with my eating over the weekend.

More to come later - I will definitely attend my meeting this week and post regardless of what the numbers show.

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