Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Totals

Sorry this is a bit delayed and you all are probably not going to be happy about this, but I didn't make it to my meeting. I had every intention of going anyway (thanks Bro), but life got in the way. For those of you who know my job - it was the last day of school. I had to move an entire science lab, science storage, and my office into the new science learning center (basically a big classroom with lots of storage) and I did too much! After we got it all moved I should have just called it a day, but instead I started to put things away, unpack boxes, and move furniture. By the time Lisa and I left it was 5:30 and we didn't get home till about 6:20 and I couldn't move. Hopefully it is just soreness and I did not pull anything.

Once home I had a bit of a panic attack, broke down, and lost it. For those of you who don't know we had to take Roxy to the vet on Sunday (very expensive), then all of the move and stuff, and when we got home the floral cooler wasn't working and when I went to check it - sparks flew and burning set in (of course this is the day before Lisa needs it for two events this weekend). O had to go and buy a new plug, figure out how to put it on and get it running again. We had an electrician out to the hose today and we found out how much it will cost to put a dedicated line into the breaker box for the cooler - much needed since it trips the breaker several times a week.

Lisa told me that we used 1000 rollover minutes last month and when we checked we only had 48 anytime minutes left (not sure how this is possible), but we will have to do - can't afford to go up on the plan right now so we have to make due.

All of this at one time - I know that lots of people have a lot worse happen on a daily basis - but coupled with the rough time I have been having lately with my weight loss and my weakened state just put me over the edge and I broke down.

Hopefully I can put it all behind me and move on and know that tomorrow is another day and it all begins again - on the right foot!


  1. You pretty much summed it up..."know that tomorrow is another day and it all begins again - on the right foot!"

    Make sure to concentrate in the morning and use the right foot. Right...Right....Right...

    Hang in bro. Life likes to throw adjustments at you and this is just an adjustment. Roll with it and keep on going.

    love ya

  2. Matt,
    Glad to see you are trying to lose weight and have a plan and are doing your best to work it. The key for any victory is keep getting back up. I love the scene in the latest Rocky where he talks to his kid about life being about being able to take blows and keep getting back up! I have my struggles, as we all do, but like you said, every day is a new day! I will not stop trying, I will not stop believing. God is for me, and he is backing me up with his power.

    You can do it! One step at a time. Just like I can do it, one step at a time! Just like everyone can do it. Hold on to the Lord, stay diligent.

    bless you,