Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a Day

What a day I had - 7 hours of meetings today! I had an unexpected surprise today at lunch. I knew we were being provided lunch during our meeting, but I never thought it would be what we had today. A little bit of background info for you - at every inservice we have had we have eaten Chick-fil-a or Jason's for lunch so I was figuring on that and had accounted for points. I woke up this morning and didn't pack a lunch for that reason - lunch came and it was greasy pizza. I did not have enough time to leave to get food so I ate pizza. Not what I wanted and have been trying to stay away from it because it is a weakness of mine.

I guess it wasn't too bad because I ate a salad with grilled chicken for dinner, but I was hoping to eat some lean steak I grilled last night so I had my mind set on that and a salad just didn't cut it tonight. I should be happy that I stayed within my points total for the day, but things just didn't go as planned (no the food wasn't the only thing that frustrated me today).

Tomorrow is a new day and has to be better. Tune in tomorrow for my weekly update after my meeting.


  1. Yuck....greasy pizza. I am sorry bro. But I am grilling chicken for dinner and having some yummy green dark leaf salad with that. So we can be like long distance brothers....oh wait. Hahaha. Oh smoke gotta run...maybe you will get your steak tomorrow. :0

  2. Matt,
    I know how difficult this kind of thing is. But, you are doing a great job. You are continuing to stick to what you want. That is awesome. I believe that God will continue to strengthen your resolve. Blessings.