Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rough Week

It has been a difficult week for me so I am not looking forward to tomorrow night's weigh in. There were multiple challenges that I faced this week and some things came up where I had a difficult time calculating my points, but it is almost over. 

I understand that these types of weeks are going to happen - heck these types of days are going to happen. It is how we come out the other side that matters. If you have a bad day do you bounce back and go on or do you dwell on them and continue to spiral out of control. 

I am expecting a weight gain this week, but we shall see what happens tomorrow night. I am not sure how I will react to that if it happens - we will find out tomorrow evening.


  1. Ah but I think you should be grateful that you have today and that you have the opportunity to see if your thought processes were right or wrong. Would it not be wonderful if they were wrong. Yet if they are right would you not be justified in the fact that you realized what the shortcomings and challenges were and are able to adapt in the future.

    True - challenges pop up but it is how we come out of them that make us the stronger skinnier person in the long run.

    Thus personally I am looking forward to your results today no matter what they are because it means that you are accepting you actions and working on making a change.

    Remember that I believe you can do it. I believe that we all have the ability to make a change in our lives.


  2. Hey were is our Thursday update.